Voltage convertor 24 V DC/230 V AC - 1000 W

The convertors are determinated for feeding of appliances with nominal voltage 230 V AC from the dash board of freight vehicles 24 V DC.

The convertor is equipped with diagnostic , which enables to start motors with the short anchor, which need 10 x higher current for the run-up , than is necessary for motors work. A processor unit in the convertor regulates automaticly according the load the run-up of the connected appliance and thank to this is the convertor resistable against damage. When the convertor is overloaded , he disconnects automaticaly, to avoid the damage of the convertor and the connected motor.

Convertors are homologized according the norm EHK 10.

Length of connecting cables is max 20 metrů - cables diameter 60mm2.

It is possible to order to the convertor an alternator with diagnostik. Full working convertor takes from the dash board 80 A, therefor have most of freight vehicles not enough equipped alternators for connecting the convertor.

Main use:
- recurrent non synchron motors
- iceboxes, aircondition boxes
- feeding appliances in caravans ( TV, hoovers, mikrowave ovens, fridges, and so on.)


Input voltage [ V ]
24 DC

Output voltage [ V ]
230 V AC / 50-60 Hz

Max.input current [ A ]

Lasting output efficiency [ W ]

Shorttime output efficiency [ W ]

Dimmensions [ mm ]


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