Universal power supply 230 V AC / 12 V DC

Power supply is determinated for feeding appliance with rated volatage 12 V DC.

It is possible to hold the power supply to strep instrument panels low volatage . Power supply has high efectivity , small dimensions and weight . It is constucted to be able to feed all appliances , which are using 12 V, coils, relays, detectors, etc.

On the secundary part it is possible to have 3 paralel cirquits of feeding.

Input voltage [ V ]
Euro 5.8A: 230 AC
Rail 5.8A: 230 AC
Rail 3A: 230 AC

Output voltage [ V ]
Euro 5.8A: 12 DC
Rail 5.8A: 12 DC
Rail 3A: 12 DC

Input current [ A ]
Euro 5.8A: 1
Rail 5.8A: 1
Rail 3A: 0.8

Max. output current[ A ]
Euro 5.8A: 5.8
Rail 5.8A: 5.8
Rail 3A: 3

Stabilization of output voltage
Euro 5.8A: No
Rail 5.8A: No
Rail 3A: Yes

Dimension's [ mm ]
Euro 5.8A: 160x90x55
Rail 5.8A: 137x97x67
Rail 3A: 137x97x67


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