Two-poles protective and antiparasitic elements FZ 820 01 and FZ 820 02

Construction and design:
The DC element creates the parallel combinations of the capacitor from metallized polyester foil and the special power limiter of the voltage tips TVS-PAR. The formation of DC element is pluged in prizmatic case made of plastic matter and sealed with the epoxy resin. One output (+pole) is created by the heatresistant conductor LYQJ with A 7,5 mm (black color) and it is ended by the cable eyelet A 6,1 mm AMP 140 731-3 for type FZ 820 01; A 8,3 mm AMP 140 787-4 for type FZ 820 02. The cable is protected by the shrink spaghetti AMP ALF 100 3,2/1,6 (black color) 727018-1. The latter pole (-pole) is taken out on the connection clip.

Two-poles protective and antiparasitic element have to bear without failure the test of durability of the alternator in the mode rated for the given type of the alternator. After the test and the acclimatization lasting at least 2 hours by the standard conditions, there can't be any mechanical damage or the loss of the functional features. The change of the capacity can be max. +/- 10 % of the value measured before the test.

Variation of the temperatures:
It is tested according to IEC 68-2-14 with this specification:
frost: - 40°C for the 30 min
dry heat: + 100°C for the 30 min

The tip cutoff voltage by 1 mA (VWM)
22 V

The breakdown voltage by 10 mA - the limit voltage (VZ)
24 - 30 V

The terminal voltage (by IPP = 60A, pulse 10ms/10ms, TC=150°C) (VCL)
40 V

The unrepeated tip breakdown voltage for the pulse 10 ms/10ms (IRSM)
65 A

The permanent power dissipation (PD)
6 W


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