Switching power supply 230 V AC/12 V DC

The switching power supply is determined to power supply appliances with the rated voltage 12 V DC, which are determined to power supply from the dash-board of the motor vehicles.

It enables to feed this appliences from the mains 230 V AC.The power supply is characterized by the high effect, small size and weight. It is designed to be able to supply all the appliences, which are distributed for 12 V's automobile intentions (icebox, compressor, cellular phone, vacuum cleaner, etc.) It's possible to buy a battery charger to this supply.

Input voltage [ V ]
3A: 230 AC
5.8A: 230 AC
10A: 230 AC

Output voltage [ V ]
3A: 12 DC
5.8A: 12 DC
10A: 12 DC

Input current [ A ]
3A: 0.8
5.8A: 1
10A: 2

Max. output current [ A ]
3A: 3
5.8A: 5.8
10A: 10

Stabilization of output voltage
3A: Yes
5.8A: No
10A: No

Dimension's [ mm ]
3A: 137x97x67
5.8A: 137x97x67
10A: 160x110x67


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