Semiconductor regulator for the alternator 14V, typePH - 14V/5A1

The lifetime of the regulator is 4000 hours. It doesn't practise by the type test. This regulator is fitted with a temperature protection +150 °C . The protection is returnable. Current protection 6 A. In the case of a higher waking, the regulator switches off automaticly, to avoid the damage of the alternator. The end- tranzistor is a N FET. Output for the signalization of the charging control is a LED diode.

The regulator for the alternator 14 V with minus regulation is a circuit made on the ceramic board and produced with SMT technology. The ceramic board is pluged in the metal case and sealed with the epoxy resin. The outputs from the regulator are made of the wires. The output with the flat hollow A 6,3 is made of the cable with the cross-section 0,75 mm2.

The regulator of the voltage is determined as a part of the power supply's system 14V.

The regulator has to pass the test of the durability for 2000 hours in the formation with the carbons and the alternator TPP 00009253. 14/91 type 443 113 516 660. This test is standard for review of the durability. The requirement for the lifetime is executed, when the alternator in the formation with the regulator passes the test of the durability.

Rated voltage [ V ]

Range of the working temperatures
-40°C to + 90°C

Max. actuating current [ A ]

Temperature coeficient of the regulation voltage
-2 to -6 mVK-1

Degree of coverage
IP 54 according ČSN EN 60 529

50 g

Dimension's [ mm ]

Regulation frequency
20 to 600 Hz


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