Semiconductor regulator for the alternator 14V, typ MF-14V /4A1

The regulator is determinated as a part of a supply set 14 V. for a compact alternator to the effect 110A , with a environs temperature T=20°C. It contains this parametres: It is compactibile with the regulators made by - MOTOROLA, THOMSON and the final producers of the compact alternators BOSH , VALEO and DELCO REMY.

- the protection against the overload and the short circuit on the side of the load
- the current limitation
- the thermal protection
- the overvoltage protection
- max. current in calm state 20 mA
- the protection against the electrical discharges
- possible diagnostik by a current sensor, output for the CAN

For CAN BUS gives informationes about the alternators condition:
- It takes rotations of the alternator
- Chargering control
- Condition of the carbon
- Temperature controle of the alternator
- Condition of the stators winding - max. takes rezistance 5 Ohm
- Condition of the diode block - Zener diode

Rated voltage [ V ]

Range of the working temperatures
-40°C to + 90°C

Max. actuating current [ A ]

Temperature coeficient of the regulation voltage
-2 to -6 mVK-1

Degree of coverage
IP 54 according ČSN EN 60 529

50 g

Dimension's [ mm ]

Regulation frequency
20 to 600 Hz


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